Enhancing our joys! A Saturday Thought

We’ve enlisted the Peanuts gang to lead us in a celebratory dance of joy to commemorate 150 years of Christian Science healing. And as the Discoverer of Christian Science wrote in Science ...


Mary Baker Eddy’s discovery: 150 years young today!

I have just posted a new blog on Medium called: 7 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Mary Baker Eddy 150 years ago today (February 4, 1866), a New England ...


David Bowie – sincere seeker?

With the recent news of David Bowie’s passing I felt drawn to look a little deeper into his spiritual quest and found it as moving as his music through the decades. There’s more ...

Spotlight ... the District Manager writes on depression

"Just another Thames twilight" by Tony Lobl

Gaining freedom from depression – an inspiring story

My latest BuzzFeed blog addresses an “epidemic” of depression and suicidal thoughts among the millennial generation ...
@Glowimages 46541.

Two consciousness journeys out of deep depression

I can't speak as an expert about either suicide or depression. ...
'Sunlight breaking through' by Tony Lobl

Depression and the spiritual dawning…

One of those friends...credits both 'beauty' and 'a growing sense of God's ...

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Messages from a mural! FIVE SATURDAY THOUGHTS

The mural above is part of artist Alex Cook’s YOU ARE LOVED mural project. You can learn about it at” Each mural has/is one of five messages… “Upwards of 50 passers-by lent their hands to paint this design.” 15 murals have been painted in as many US states, and in two other countries. A man […]

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24/7 illumination – A SATURDAY THOUGHT

This is from the New International Version of the Bible, and it further defines “the upright” as “those who are gracious and compassionate and righteous “.

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Truth’s tranquility – A SATURDAY THOUGHT

This week’s inclusion of a Japanese proverb is to celebrate the fact I am in Japan this weekend to give a public lecture on Christian Science. If you are in Tokyo, or have friends there who might want to hear my talk at 1pm this Sunday afternoon (April 17), please pass along the information below. (The […]

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WEBINAR – Seeking (and finding!) higher thoughts!

On the set of a webinar! For those who viewed my webinar on “Seeking Higher Thoughts from a Higher Source” yesterday…this is an insider’s view of a webinar set-up. At least, this is how it looks in “the Hut”, which is my garden office. If you didn’t view the talk and wish to do so, […]

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This quote is from Science and Health with Key to Scriptures, p. 261, and it is featured in a live webinar lecture I’m giving tomorrow – Sunday April 10  – at 1pm US West Coast time/9pm UK time. It is called “Seeking higher thoughts from a higher source” and if you are interested, click here to sign […]

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The place of pure light? – A SATURDAY THOUGHT

This quote is from “No and Yes”. You can read the full quotation that these excerpts are from by clicking here. If you want to see a word-free version of the photograph you can click here. And to learn more about the quote’s author and her ideas, my lecture “Mary Baker Eddy’s legacy: 150 years of practical […]

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Can we love even our deadliest enemies?

My latest blog has just been posted on Medium, and it looks to the example of Jesus on the cross to ask: Can Easter inspire us to love our deadliest enemies? That is, can our loving, forgiving prayers actually make a difference as we all face the spectre of terrorism and other violence around the world? […]

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Easter’s promise to us! A Saturday Thought

From Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 43. For the in depth discussion on the Easter story this quote comes from read page 42 (line 15) to page 52 (line 18) of Science and Health by clicking here and as you read please scroll down. (Do not click the tab that says “next” – it will […]

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Watch/listen – 150 years of practical spirituality

What does this piano have to do with understanding the Bible? This was among the questions answered in my recent lecture, Mary Baker Eddy’s legacy: 150 years of practical spirituality. If you want to listen to my talk click here to view it as a Youtube video until the end of April. Or click here to listen […]

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Plugging the gender gap – the spiritual way?

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone! My new Medium blog is called “Is a lack of parity a particularly religious problem?”, and it is my contribution to the #PledgeForParity discussion that IWD2016 wants to promote about plugging the global gender gap.(See: And don’t forget my #IWD2016 online lecture on Mary Baker Eddy’s legacy at 7pm, UK time […]

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