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Mothering love!

This is taken from a phrase coined by church members grateful for the work of Mary Baker Eddy (The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany, p. 52:6-7). Many members even called Mrs Eddy “Mother” for a time. At her request that practice was discontinued, and she has since been known as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science […]

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Atheist now uses prayer as a “first resort”…

Today’s blog is a guest blog from Polly Castor. Polly “is a Christian Science Practitioner, an Artist, a Photographer, a Poet, a Homeschooling Mother, a wife, a Gourmet Cook, a Traveler, a Nature Lover, a Reader, a Peacemaker, and a former Structural Engineer”. She writes from the USA. Often people think of Christian Scientists as […]

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100 years on: Mary Baker Eddy – a song in the repertoire of unsung women?

Next in our “100 years on, and still going strong” series, celebrating the continued resonance of Mary Baker Eddy’s life and ideas 100 years after her passing. A local US newspaper called the Post and Courier recently ran an item entitled Unsung Women – Mary Baker Eddy. On the lighter side, I confess that it is true…I […]

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Christian Science – a gift to mother and child

At Christmas time, celebrating the birth of the infant Jesus, it is natural to think about children.  Even in more secular celebrations of Christmas, centred around gift-giving, children tend to be the main focus of attention. Many parents around the world feel that Christian Science is among the greatest gifts they have been able to […]

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100 years on: recalling a recent perspective on Mary Baker Eddy from a contemporary scholar…

Next in a “100 years on, and still going strong” series, we follow our 100 reflections appreciation of Mary Baker Eddy’s life and ideas 100 years after her passing with a glance back to an article from earlier this decade… A few years ago, Radcliffe Biography Series author of Mary Baker Eddy, Gillian Gill, shared some of […]

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“The Nativity” – a compelling BBC drama scripted by Tony Jordan.

“The Nativity” – which airs in half-hour segments on BBC 1 at 7pm from Monday December 20 to Thursday December 23 – is a drama that is beautifully filmed and acted.  It has a classy screenplay by award-winning East Enders and Life on Mars writer Tony Jordan which, you could say, is ably adapted from an original script by…God! […]

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Waking up the morning after the century before…!

Last Friday the final of Choir of the Year coincided with the anniversary of 100 years since the passing of Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy. (Admittedly, most BBC viewers would not have been aware of this fact!) The programme, hosted by Aled Jones and Josie D’Arby, showcased the talents of six choirs which all […]

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100 reflections on why Mary Baker Eddy’s life and ideas still resonate 100 years on!

My 100th blog as media and legislative representative for the Christian Science movement in the UK and the Republic of Ireland happens to coincide with a much more significant 100th anniversary commemoration.  It is 100 years today (December 3, 2010) since the passing of Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered and founded Christian Science. What is […]

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100 years on: ideas that still challenge the status quo!

Poached – with permission! 🙂 – from a blog by fellow Committee Bob Clark, Florida, is the following comment on Mary Baker Eddy published in World Religions in America*. Professor Dell deChant from the University of South Florida, who offers this thought-provoking insight: “What Mary Baker Eddy did was directly and emphatically challenge the status […]

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Women’s spiritual leadership – coming out from under the radar?

This week, the Huffington Post has an article called “Women as religious Leaders: Breaking Through the Stained Glass Ceiling” written by Maureen Fiedler, who is the author of a new book on that very subject. Her report is surprisingly upbeat.   After pointing out the trends for women to have more leadership roles in society […]

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