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Plugging the gender gap – the spiritual way?

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone! My new Medium blog is called “Is a lack of parity a particularly religious problem?”, and it is my contribution to the #PledgeForParity discussion that IWD2016 wants to promote about plugging the global gender gap.(See: http://www.internationalwomensday.com/Theme) And don’t forget my #IWD2016 online lecture on Mary Baker Eddy’s legacy at 7pm, UK time […]

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Waking up the morning after the century before…!

Last Friday the final of Choir of the Year coincided with the anniversary of 100 years since the passing of Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy. (Admittedly, most BBC viewers would not have been aware of this fact!) The programme, hosted by Aled Jones and Josie D’Arby, showcased the talents of six choirs which all […]

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100 reflections on why Mary Baker Eddy’s life and ideas still resonate 100 years on!

My 100th blog as media and legislative representative for the Christian Science movement in the UK and the Republic of Ireland happens to coincide with a much more significant 100th anniversary commemoration.  It is 100 years today (December 3, 2010) since the passing of Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered and founded Christian Science. What is […]

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Women’s spiritual leadership – coming out from under the radar?

This week, the Huffington Post has an article called “Women as religious Leaders: Breaking Through the Stained Glass Ceiling” written by Maureen Fiedler, who is the author of a new book on that very subject. Her report is surprisingly upbeat.   After pointing out the trends for women to have more leadership roles in society […]

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Is the recognition of God’s nature as Mother as well as Father gaining momentum?

As a man who is totally at peace about uniting with, and serving in, a religious movement founded by a woman, my initial reaction to the vote in favour of a woman’s right to be ordained as a Bishop in the Anglican church was a wholehearted “Yes!” And the best way to describe the sorrow […]

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Writing a good woman back into history…for her timeless ideas!

2010 is the 30th anniversary of the National Women’s History Project in the United States and the overarching theme for this year’s celebration is “Writing Women Back into History”.   As the National Women’s History Project website puts it “It often seems that the history of women is written in invisible ink. Even when recognized in […]

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