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"Fading Dusk" by Tony Lobl

Should we passively accept our mortality?

In case you missed it, my most recent blog was posted on The News Hub as “Seeking immortality through life, not death”. Here is an excerpt: In her research into Victorian attitudes towards dying Deborah Lutz found a very different experience resulting from the then prevailing faith in life after death. “Today we try to deny the body’s […]

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"Stars and Stripes silhouette - 9:11 Vigil At Christian Science Center - Friday. September 14, 2001" by Tony Lobl

Independence Day greetings from across “the pond”!

Happy 4th of July to all the fabulous American followers of this website – whether you live at home or are an ex-pat! Have a spiritual and healthy Independence Day! (I took this photo during the sombre but holy 9/11 vigil at The Christian Science Church in Boston on September 14, 2001.)

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"Magna Carta tapestry" by Tony Lobl

PODCAST – Claiming our deeper, divine rights (2 MINS)

In case you haven’t come across it through other channels, I have recorded a new 2 minute Your Daily Lift podcast responding to the current commemorations of the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta. This is an audio snapshot of my more in-depth photo essay entitled: “Magna Carta 800 Years On — Do Deeper Freedoms Await Us?” on Medium.com.

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"Magna Carta mural on Egham High Street" - photo by Tony Lobl

Celebrating Magna Carta’s 800th Anniversary with a Blog and a Lecture!

This weekend England – and the world – celebrate Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary. And I am no exception to that rule…I am playing my part! 1. I have just posted a photo-essay about the commemorations that includes my take on the spiritual idea of freedom’s source. It is called: “Magna Carta 800 Years On – Do Deeper Freedoms […]

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"Kingston Bridge" by Tony Lobl

Is There A Spiritual Step More Mindful?

My latest blog on The News Hub is called: “Are we seeking an even deeper mindfulness?” Here is an excerpt: A review of studies that evaluated the merits of three kinds of mindfulness-based practices found “convincing evidence” of benefits for patients with certain physical and mental health problems.“These mindfulness practices show considerable promise and the available evidence indicates […]

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"Blazing a trail" by Tony Lobl

Taking A Healing Step Beyond Innovation

It may come as a surprise to learn that in the disproportionately male-dominated world of the super-rich, no less than 197 women are worth at least a billion dollars. But within this select group there’s an even more rarefied subset — the 29 females who, according to Forbes’ list of the mega-wealthy, are self-made billionaires. And the “most impressive” of these? According to […]

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%22Seeds of freedom%22 by Tony Lobl

Can We Dethrone “The Emperor of Maladies”?

Ken Burns’ new documentary series, “Cancer, the Emperor of All Maladies”, highlights “the longest running war in human history”. But beyond the ongoing scientific quest for a cure are there other ways people have found freedom from such a devastating diagnosis? Could the seed of what a writer recently called “arguably our most feared disease” […]

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"Just another Thames twilight" by Tony Lobl

Gaining Freedom From Depression – an inspiring story

My latest BuzzFeed blog addresses an “epidemic” of depression and suicidal thoughts among the millennial generation by sharing one young woman’s inspiring story of her spiritual journey to complete freedom from manic depression. Here is an excerpt. Looking back, I can see my family and friends did the best they knew how to help, but eventually I felt impelled to […]

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Happy Valentine's Day, 2015-Tony Lobl

Valentine’s Greetings/”Fifty Shades” vs Happiness

First, a message from our sponsors! Secondly, news of my latest BuzzFeed blog, “Fifty Shades” vs Happiness. With the Valentine’s Eve launch of the movie version of “Fifty Shades of Grey” it seemed like a good time to ask: “What really makes us happy?” Here is an excerpt. So, to view or not to view Fifty Shades […]

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Thames Twilight by Tony Lobl

DAILY LIFT: Don’t Get Drawn Into Revenge

  In case you haven’t come across it through other channels, I have recorded a new 2 minute Your Daily Lift podcast responding to recent world news tugging at our heartstrings.

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