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An ‘utterly forgiving spirit’ – good for your happiness and for your health.

“You must have an utterly forgiving spirit.” These are beautiful but demanding words from the pen of Mary Baker Eddy, a woman who exemplified them in her own life. For instance, she not only forgave a woman who had an affair with her husband, but at her rival’s request she also persuaded the woman’s husband to […]

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For International Women’s Day: Innovation through inspiration – Mary Baker Eddy

International Women’s Day and US National Women’s History Month coincide today, March 8, 2013. The theme of the latter is Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination: Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. To celebrate this annual focus on women we have a guest blog on a woman whose innovation was the result of a very pragmatic inspiration […]

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BEING HEALTHY: Can we shorten the health care reform debate to three words?

In my most recent blog on the Huffington Post UK – is it possible to summarise needed Health care reform in three words?  Here is an excerpt from the article. Political efforts to bring change in how medical care is made available in Britain and the States has seen epic battles involving people on both sides of the political […]

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Spiritual concepts in healthcare and in healing

What are the five spiritual concepts Western medicine has to embrace? And can they improve health? How are health care systems in the UK and US embracing and addressing spiritual needs? Here are some answers to the question “Is it Time to Make Time for Spiritual Care?” from my most recent Huffington Post UK blog. […]

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Could there be “12 Spiritual Steps to a Healthier Christmas”?

Christmas is fast approaching and it can get tense out there.  Here are some ideas for maintaining the Christmas spirit which I have shared via the Huffington Post UK. (Please “share”, “tweet”, “email” “+1” or “like” from the HuffPost page…if you do like it. Thanks!) I am one of those children for whom Advent calendars meant just […]

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Mastering fear – a cabin crew shows how

This blog has been reproduced from The Connection. Today I am quietly celebrating another 10-year anniversary. September 17, 2001 was the date Flight 156 from Boston Logan landed without incident at London Heathrow. Sounds like a non-event? Not at all! It was one of the first flights out of the airport from which Al Quaeda […]

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