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What is it that makes you amazing – changing how others see you, or how you see yourself?

The following blog is by David Waters, a BBC Assistant Producer and Methodist Local Preacher.  It is reproduced with permission of its author and theMediaNet.org, who first published it. I am trying to picture you, kind reader as you peruse these words. Lounging on a hammock between two magnificent oak trees, reading this on an iPad no […]

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Individualising the Desmond Tutu response to state evil – “Get Inspired Project!” includes an interview with a Christian Scientist.

The “Get Inspired Project” was launched last year by Toni Reece, President of The PEOPLE Academy, Inc. It is a year-long commitment to “collect all of the amazing stories of how people inspire others and what they need to be inspired themselves” – and that collection has been amassing for eleven months on the website: […]

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