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Atheist now uses prayer as a “first resort”…

Today’s blog is a guest blog from Polly Castor. Polly “is a Christian Science Practitioner, an Artist, a Photographer, a Poet, a Homeschooling Mother, a wife, a Gourmet Cook, a Traveler, a Nature Lover, a Reader, a Peacemaker, and a former Structural Engineer”. She writes from the USA. Often people think of Christian Scientists as […]

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Christian Science – a gift to mother and child

At Christmas time, celebrating the birth of the infant Jesus, it is natural to think about children.  Even in more secular celebrations of Christmas, centred around gift-giving, children tend to be the main focus of attention. Many parents around the world feel that Christian Science is among the greatest gifts they have been able to […]

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On a wing with a prayer! Elevated thinking soars above positive thinking!

Today’s blog is written by our London Office Assistant District Manager, Clare Harwood. Astronauts do it, mountaineers do it and even unsuspecting fleas do it – elevated thinking! Hurtling down a grass runway in a small fixed-wing aircraft, which had arrived as a flat pack, may not strike you as the most calming experience in […]

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Dear Mr Jeremy Clarkson…a Tom Cruise clarification…!

Among other things (like mulling cider brewed by monks as a way of “engaging with their neighbours”!) The One Show on BBC 1 on Friday (December 10) featured Chris Evans and Alex Jones bantering back and forth with Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson. An Autumn episode of the car enthusiast programme featured Tom Cruise racing against […]

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On books and bookies…what does Christian Science have to say about “sin”?

The Hansard recently reported an adjournment debate in the House of Commons on the subject of planning and betting shops in Haringay, where there is concern at the proliferation of betting shops.  Haringay apparently has 39 bookmakers but no bookshops!  The suggestion is that the position has deteriorated since the Gambling Act 2005. This is […]

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Was there a minor miracle on Newsnight last week?

Well, yes, from my point of view there was a minor miracle on Newsnight last week.   The BBC’s nightly “current affairs, investigative programme” has miraculously – because it surely wasn’t intentional! – promoted Mary Baker Eddy’s venerable and vibrant classic on Christian healing. The almost as venerable and vibrant news programme showed a LARGE […]

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Past, present (and pending?) thought-shifts in the healthcare expectancies of patients

Introducing its new Health section the popular Huffington Post points to a changed landscape in patient expectancies over the passing years. In “Amicable Breakup: HuffPost’s Health Coverage Moves Out of Living Section, Gets Its Own Place“, co-founder Arianna Huffington writes “Our approach to matters of sickness and health has changed radically over the past few decades. […]

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If there was an X Factor contest for singing a (gentle) defence against atheism this would win…!

I found this video on YouTube, and love the lyrics (as well as the sweet way in which it is performed).   While it is an argument that probably  won’t win round too many hard-core atheists*, it certainly captures how many of us feel about the individual experiences we have had of a heart-warming divine presence […]

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From 50 media mentions to a billion in just two years. A PR success, but at what cost to health?

An article on CNN pinpoints the manner in which, it claims, pharmaceutical companies create an appetite for a disease in order to produce a hunger for its treatment.   If the bottom line is profit, the marketing approach described could be deemed an impressive success. If the bottom line is the public’s well-being it seems worth […]

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A Modern Rabbi’s view of the Day of Atonement – putting the past behind us.

This weekend, Jewish people around the world have been observing Yom Kippur their holiest of days.  R’ Marcia Kovner, who is a Modern Rabbi, and who has a love for the ideas in Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, has written the following thought-provoking observation. Yom Kippur begins at sundown […]

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