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Beyond the Ashes: batting away life’s bouncers and googlies!

Today’s blog is written by our London Office Assistant District Manager, Clare Harwood. Cricket is something I feel very passionate about.  Being born in Yorkshire, England, many may say that it was a foregone conclusion.  As if more was needed, I attended a school in Headingley, a stone’s throw from the famous, and at times infamous, […]

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And the Golden Globe award for crusading atheist goes to….Ricky Gervais?

You have to hand it to British comedian Ricky Gervais, he is nothing if not an equal opportunities offender. At the Golden Globe awards he managed to insult the cream of Hollywood Society. But Ricky Gervais also has another string to his bow. He is an atheist. There is nothing wrong with holding that conviction […]

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Can we lift the imposition of polarisation and uncivil discourse off our national conversation?

While I was meant to be writing today’s blog a Twitter message alerted me to watch the full speech given by US President Obama at the Tucson Memorial and I was moved by what I heard.  His words include ideas of healing, letting a little child’s hopes and expectations lead us, expecting better of ourselves […]

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The lighter side: Hashtag Hymn fun on Twitter – Less Ambitious Hymns

In case any of you are unfamiliar with Twitter and its hashtags, the carrier of 140-character messages allows for themes to be developed and identified by a name that is preceded by a # sign. Some of these are serious – during the Iranian election protests a hashtag was developed so that protestors could share […]

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100 years on: shining some light onto the real Mary Baker Eddy in the Church Times

Next in our “100 years on, and still going strong” series – following our 100 reflections appreciation of the life and ideas of Mary Baker Eddy 100 years after her passing – is a present day response to a 100 year old item in the quality Anglican newspaper the Church Times. And, no, we are not just really slow at […]

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Picture this… what do you see?

Today’s blog is written by our London Office Assistant District Manager, Clare Harwood. I have never been to Venice but I fully intend to one day.  In the meantime, I decided the next best thing was to go and see an exhibition at The National Gallery, London on Venice – Canaletto and his rivals. I knew […]

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Healing prayer narratives – musician’s hand healed / rapid release from bacterial infection

Wednesday is a day when Christian Scientists all around the world hold meetings featuring spontaneously shared “experiences, testimonies, and remarks on Christian Science”. That is, in branch churches of Christ, Scientist from London to Los Angeles and from Torbay to Tokyo, Christian Scientists welcome into their churches anyone who is curious to hear spontaneous accounts […]

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Eliza Doolittle – connecting the dots between the Google age and the First World War…

My wife and I saw Eliza Doolittle perform her hit song “Pack Up” twice during our TV viewing over the Christmas break.  We enjoyed its cool swing and bright lyrics with attitude…very catchy!   The promotional video, below, is set in Jamaica. The lyrics of “Pack Up” are slap-bang up to date for this Google […]

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A pint or a prayer? How did you see in the New Year?

Okay, so they do things slightly different “over there” in the US of A. But it was interesting to read the results of a “prayer versus alcohol” survey in The Christian Post. According to the poll an “estimated 66 percent say they will say a prayer before the start of 2011” while “more people said […]

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