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"Light rays" by Tony Lobl

(Almost) everything you wanted to know about healing prayer, but were afraid to ask!

My latest blog, published by OnFaith, addresses questions people might have about prayer that heals. It’s called: 10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Healing Prayer Here are the ten points the blog addresses: 1. God doesn’t “hear” our prayers, because we don’t need Him to. 2. Prayer frees us from the limitations of materialism. 3. The restoration of […]

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Can we “optimize” the possibility for spontaneous remission?

It sometimes seems as if we live in a golden age of insecurity. So much that’s going on makes anxiety appear entirely rational. But are we being bombarded with more reasons to be fearful than it’s necessary to take on board? Most of us will never encounter the majority of mortal dangers we hear about […]

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Could a mental medicine chest contain the best subscription?

This blog, by Assistant District Manager, Melvyn Howe, appeared in the “This is” series. The local GP has long been a respected figure of authority and a mainstay of family health. For many people that usually means a health problem requires little more than an appointment, a prescription and some pills to pop for a […]

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Sherlock Homes and the mystery of the nocebo…

Terrific article published as Belief and Its Effect on Our Health by colleague Russ Gerber in Huffington Post! Penny Sarchet doesn’t think of herself as a detective, but she’s been acting like one. She recently received a prize for her science essay on the nocebo effect, one of the winning entries in a writing contest sponsored by the Wellcome […]

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Can thoughts about the placebo and nocebo effects heal our ignorance of why they work? These might!

My colleagues have been blogging about the placebo effect, and I wanted to weave some of their ideas together with some thoughts of my own… Firstly, a recent blog by Sharon Frey, Media Manager,The First Church of Christ, Scientist. Why do placebos work? Some scientists are digging into a fascinating question – why do sugar pills […]

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Do the positive and negative of placebos and nocebos point to thought as king in healthcare concerns?

For his most recent “Other Voices” column, my West Coast colleague Eric Nelson tracked down an amazingly thought-provoking video on the placebo effect, that I share below, and introduced it by saying, “Have a look at the video below (very entertaining, by the way!).  And for some insight into the Christian Science “take” on placebos, check […]

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