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We are spiritual innocents!

Sometimes at Christmas we struggle with self-acceptance and self-love more than usual. So my Christmas blog this year focuses on what Jesus was telling us about the spiritual way to love ourselves. It has been published by Huffington Post as “All I Want for Christmas? To Feel God’s Love!” Here is an excerpt: “Maybe Christmas doesn’t come […]

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(Almost) everything you wanted to know about healing prayer, but were afraid to ask!

My latest blog, published by OnFaith, addresses questions people might have about prayer that heals. It’s called: 10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Healing Prayer Here are the ten points the blog addresses: 1. God doesn’t “hear” our prayers, because we don’t need Him to. 2. Prayer frees us from the limitations of materialism. 3. The restoration of […]

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Mary Baker Eddy – an “Inspiring Religious Thinker”

Mary Baker Eddy has been included in a Huffington Post listing of “Quotes by Inspiring Religious Thinkers”.  She is listed alongside such luminaries as The Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Mother Teresa, as well as more historical figures such as Maimonides and Rumi… Have a look at slide 26 in “Interfaith Quotes by Religious Thinkers” to see which […]

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Can we “optimize” the possibility for spontaneous remission?

It sometimes seems as if we live in a golden age of insecurity. So much that’s going on makes anxiety appear entirely rational. But are we being bombarded with more reasons to be fearful than it’s necessary to take on board? Most of us will never encounter the majority of mortal dangers we hear about […]

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World AIDS Day: ‘Neither do I condemn you’

The following excerpt is from a blog published in the Washington Post to commemorate World AIDS Day, 1 December, 2012: Compassion for those who are HIV positive is crucial. Yet compassion by sufferers could also be vital. Recent research found that “holding a compassionate view of others” is one of four spiritual/religious attitudes that were “significantly related […]

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Desperate for quietness? Maybe it’s just a thought away!

This blog, by Assistant District Manager, Melvyn Howe, appeared in the “This is” series. Traffic, blaring televisions, loud music, an explosive rise in mobile phone ownership and barking dogs. And let’s forget our kids. Sometimes this cocktail of unrelenting din seems like a 21st century aural equivalent of Dante’s Inferno. Quietness is in short supply in […]

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Meditation? Mindfulness? Or a silence filled with ideas?

A second Huffington Post UK blog has been published this week. If you like it please think of sharing it via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and/or press the “Like” button for your Facebook wall. Thanks! 🙂 Treat Yourself to a Daily Dose of Peace Regular meditation can produce “beneficial effects on well-being”, a recent study has found. According to […]

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Peace and quiet at Christmas – stepping stones to healing

My Merseyside colleague, Irene Hall, has just had a weekly “Thought for the Day” published in Liverpool’s Daily Post which includes such a dear Christmas healing that I just have to share it. SOME years ago, just before Christmas, I was up in the small hours, struggling with a heavy cold. I felt anxious about coping, but […]

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This blog is closed for lunch…

Christmas lunch that is…! So, no blogging today at the London Office of Christian Science Committees on Publication.  On the other hand, our Merseyside colleague, Irene Hall, has been published again in Liverpool’s Daily Post. Her weekly “Thought for the Day” this week is on Christmas and it is a good reminder to find moments of quiet […]

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“Blessed are the peacemakers” – join them today!

From today’s web edition of The Christian Science Monitor: “September 21 is United Nations Day of Peace. At noon UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon will ring the Peace Bell for the official observation of the day. Also noting this special day is the campaign by “A Million Minutes for Peace.” Its proponents are asking people around the […]

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