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"Light rays" by Tony Lobl

(Almost) everything you wanted to know about healing prayer, but were afraid to ask!

My latest blog, published by OnFaith, addresses questions people might have about prayer that heals. It’s called: 10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Healing Prayer Here are the ten points the blog addresses: 1. God doesn’t “hear” our prayers, because we don’t need Him to. 2. Prayer frees us from the limitations of materialism. 3. The restoration of […]

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Peter Gilbert – photo provided by Pavilion

Me, the House of Lords, Russell Brand…and a spiritual pioneer!

Last week I attended a book launch at the House of Lords hosted by former Archbishop Rowan Williams. Today, my resulting review of the occasion put me side by side with Russell Brand on the front page of Huffington Post Books (see screenshot below). More importantly, it’s great to see the subject in question highlighted in a “featured blog”, […]

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Are there other possibilities homeopathy points to?

If homeopathy works for some of the people some of the time might it be pointing to even more intriguing possibilities? My latest article published on the Huffington Post UK as “Homeopathy, Bebop and Other ‘Revelations” explains how a pioneer thinker on health took just that view… Below is an excerpt… Take homeopathy, conceived in 1796 by German physician Samuel Hahnemann on […]

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Is spiritual care a reform that spans the health-care divide?

This blog first appeared in the Washington Post on 5 November, 2012. Health-care reform – just two simple words. But the simplicity of the phrase belies the fact it is an issue that has convulsed the nation, commanding an untold number of column inches and consuming a massive amount of airtime. Throughout the presidential campaign […]

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BETTER HEALTHCARE: What will the patient of the future expect in their care?

In my most recent blog on the Huffington Post UK – called The Changing Patient of the Future – From Passive Recipient to Active Participant – a look at what patient-led care would lead to and who patient-centred care would put at the heart of decision-making. Why has homeopathy brought this to everyone’s attention and why does spiritual care take it […]

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Could the mind play a bigger role in healthcare?

My recent blog Could the mind play a bigger role in healthcare? – posted by British newspaper The Independent received tens of thousands of hits, over 700 Facebook “Likes” and multiple Tweets.  Here is an excerpt from the article. A post-antibiotic era means, in effect, an end to modern medicine as we know it,” she told the meeting. Anyone […]

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A scholar notes the role of Mary Baker Eddy

This blog is by Washington State, USA, colleague Bill Scott. It was first published as Book Review: “The Cure Within: A History of Mind-Body Medicine” – Part 1 on Blogcritics. Do our thoughts impact our health? Dr. Anne Harrington, chair of the history of science department at Harvard University, has been researching this question for many years.  Convinced […]

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