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Are You Reading For Healing?

There is a flood of books being written about health – but here is my story about reading a book that actually brought me health.? My latest LinkedIn blog is called: Ten Pence For A Lifetime Of Healing. Here is an excerpt: At first it was just a book bought for a bargain 10p in Oxfam by a friend. He said it contained […]

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Is awakening from a dream the doctor’s orders?

In my most recent blog on the Huffington Post UK – called Questions of Identity in Sickness and in Health – I touch on the question of “which is the dream and which is the reality?” when we are unwell. Here is an excerpt from the article. (Please “FB share”, “tweet”, “email” “G+″ it or […]

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Project “In Bb 2.0” and project “being”…what holds it all together?

Question: Can there be musical unity among 20 pieces by musicians each doing their own thing? Answer: Yes…if all the performers conform to one governing principle (as in the answer to third question about project “In Bb 2.0”)… Click on the screen grab below and click any number of the “Play” buttons, in any order and […]

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