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100 years on: shining some light onto the real Mary Baker Eddy in the Church Times

Next in our “100 years on, and still going strong” series – following our 100 reflections appreciation of the life and ideas of Mary Baker Eddy 100 years after her passing – is a present day response to a 100 year old item in the quality Anglican newspaper the Church Times. And, no, we are not just really slow at […]

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Media perspectives: Have we just left “the best decade ever”…without even knowing it?!

Yes.  According to an article in the respected Foreign Policy magazine “the noughties” has been humankind’s best ever decade.  Charles Kenny’s article opens with a sample of the many familiar reasons why that statement might seem counterintuitive, but the article continues: “Given that our brains seem hard-wired to remember singular tragedy over incremental success, it’s a hard sell […]

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Was there a minor miracle on Newsnight last week?

Well, yes, from my point of view there was a minor miracle on Newsnight last week.   The BBC’s nightly “current affairs, investigative programme” has miraculously – because it surely wasn’t intentional! – promoted Mary Baker Eddy’s venerable and vibrant classic on Christian healing. The almost as venerable and vibrant news programme showed a LARGE […]

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Media watch: Is “but” a loaded word?

It certainly can be.  Let me illustrate.  The Daily Mail has published an interesting historical article on American women who married into landed but often cash-strapped British Society at the beginning of last century. It is entitled “Cash for titles: The Billion Dollar Ladies“, and is ably authored by television producer and writer Daisy Goodwin. It […]

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Talkin’ ’bout healing, and about compassion and respect in the news – USA colleagues rap with reporters!

My United States colleagues have been hitting the road to visit journalists and broadcasters in their respective States.  Here are some of the many and varied results of their two-way dialogue Texas: Prayerful Treatment Reaches and Heals the Body Abbie Randolph (pictured on left), a member of First, Church of Christ, Scientist, Abilene, and I […]

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Huffington Post article includes a prayer healing…

My colleague in Washington DC, Gary Jones, has had a thoughtful piece published in The Huffington Post called “Spirituality: A Powerful Factor for Health Care Reform“.

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New blog to track ecumenical dialogue involving Christian Science launches on christianscience.com

This blog launches an ongoing public record of a developing dialogue between the Bible-based Christian Science community, who follow the teachings of Jesus seen as the Son of God, and other Christian churches who are represented in the National Council of Churches in the USA.

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Christian Science and “prosperity gospel teachings” are poles apart!

Evan Mehlenbacher’s lecture “Living in abundance” is a great talk to watch for anyone who has ever confused the God-centred Christian Science approach to healing problems with “supply” to the “me-centred” attitudes of the “prosperity gospels”.  The video is an hour-long Christian Science lecture on facing down all kinds of problems, including financial problems, through a […]

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Christian Science response on Barbara Ehrenreich published in the Guardian

The ghost of Barbara Ehrenreich’s mis-portrayal of Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy seems to want to haunt the discussion on health and healing for many moons to come.  This spectre of the inaccurate description of Christian Science and its founder in “Smile or Die” (“Bright-Sided” in the USA) can be seen in the recent […]

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Media Comment: Isn’t there room for hope and healing?

Now that Barbara Ehrenreich’s whirlwind UK book tour has long gone from Albion shores it might be worth taking stock of what happened.  The investigative author’s “Smile or die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World” criticises such thinking as being damaging to individuals and society.  The book received a unanimous thumbs up from […]

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