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"Blazing a trail" by Tony Lobl

Taking A Healing Step Beyond Innovation

It may come as a surprise to learn that in the disproportionately male-dominated world of the super-rich, no less than 197 women are worth at least a billion dollars. But within this select group there’s an even more rarefied subset — the 29 females who, according to Forbes’ list of the mega-wealthy, are self-made billionaires. And the “most impressive” of these? According to […]

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Finding the true ‘you’ beyond the labels…

It was probably just a simple misunderstanding between a physician and her patient but it had life-changing consequences. The woman being diagnosed recalled: “The doctor at the hospital kept asking me if I heard voices. “I didn’t know what she meant by this. Was she checking my hearing, my awareness? Was she using a metaphor? […]

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What’s “the glory of being alone”? And can it ease our loneliness?

‘Only the lonely, know the way I feel,’ Roy Orbison sang in his 1960 hit single. More than 50 years have now passed and during that time many who have felt forlorn have identified with the Big O’s chart-topping lyrics. Stephen Fry has just added himself very publicly to the list. The multi-faceted British writer and broadcaster made […]

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Is there a spiritual answer to the stress of caring?

Stress is not a new concept, but we live in an age which is constantly creating fresh varieties of angst to add to our mental in-tray. Caring doesn’t sound like it should be one of those in-tray items. Helping family, friends and strangers can often be uplifting. But when we become ‘carers’ and the demands […]

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Is being a satisfied patient bad for your health?

The familiar expression “the squeaky wheel gets the oil/grease” suggests making a fuss gets you a head start in the competition for services. But what does it say if the successful “squeaky wheel” on the trail for the best medical services ends up with worse outcomes? That’s what data indicates in a survey of 50,000 […]

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Atheist now uses prayer as a “first resort”…

Today’s blog is a guest blog from Polly Castor. Polly “is a Christian Science Practitioner, an Artist, a Photographer, a Poet, a Homeschooling Mother, a wife, a Gourmet Cook, a Traveler, a Nature Lover, a Reader, a Peacemaker, and a former Structural Engineer”. She writes from the USA. Often people think of Christian Scientists as […]

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The rule of “comment etiquette” from the Source of all grace…!

A WordPress.com news blog Are you well-versed in comment etiquette? – by Erica Johnson, Editorial Producer for WordPress.com – deals well with a subject close to my heart…namely, how to improve the tenor of commenting in response to blogs and newspaper articles. Please check out her ideas! As I was reading it, wistfully wishing everyone would abide by its constructive […]

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Leave the buggy … and adjust your thought!

Today’s blog has been written by our Assistant District Manager, Clare Harwood. I spend a lot of my time using public transport in and around London these days. I always find it fascinating to dip in and out of people’s lives by picking up on conversations.  Some might say that this is in actual fact […]

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Health fads – what can we learn from “the cool dude of road crossing”?

Today’s blog is written by our London Office Assistant District Manager, Clare Harwood. From my kitchen window I have a great view of the comings and goings of village life! I am often struck by the variety of strategies used by animals when crossing the road in front of my home. For some it is […]

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Christian Science – a gift to mother and child

At Christmas time, celebrating the birth of the infant Jesus, it is natural to think about children.  Even in more secular celebrations of Christmas, centred around gift-giving, children tend to be the main focus of attention. Many parents around the world feel that Christian Science is among the greatest gifts they have been able to […]

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