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“Man’s best friend” has found a new way to be helpful!

My latest blog on BuzzFeed is called “Barking Up The Right Tree – ‘Dementia Dogs’ And Other Aids To Remembering Who We Are“. Here is a summary: “A labrador and golden retriever have been trained as “assistant dogs” for two UK dementia patients and more are on their way. Dogs can give meaning to our lives, […]

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For Dementia Awareness Week…the candle that burns just as bright!

I’ve had a blog on dementia sitting at The Independent waiting to be published for over two weeks…and it has gone live on the first day of Dementia Awareness Week (hashtag #TalkDementia)! Please share this if you can, I’m hoping this can shine at least a ray of hope into the lives of some fearful […]

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Feature on spirituality and health pioneer Dr Christina Puchalski

The machine, beeping steadily away in the background, reassuringly spells life. Suddenly it goes haywire. Something’s wrong. The patient needs urgent attention. Visiting family members panic as the monitor warns of their loved one’s impending doom. In rush the concerned clinicians – first the nurses, then the doctors. It’s action stations. Finally, depending on whether […]

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Dementia and drug-free solutions

What are our options if faced with a diagnosis of dementia? Might therapies without drugs prove helpful?  A scientific research project and an individual’s spiritual journey point to that possibility in Do Drug-Free Options Offer Fresh Hope? – my most recent Huffington Post UK blog. (Please “FB share”, “tweet”, “email” “G+″ it or “FB like” it from the […]

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Healing Prayer Narrative – Alzheimer’s diagnosis reversed by doctor!

Wednesday is a day when Christian Science churches all around the world host meetings featuring spontaneously shared “experiences, testimonies, and remarks on Christian Science”. That is, in branch churches of Christ, Scientist from London to Los Angeles and from Torbay to Tokyo, Christian Scientists welcome into their churches anyone who is curious to hear spontaneous […]

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