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Do we actually need the historic Jesus?

“Blossom cross” by Tony Lobl The late, great Gil Scott-Heron poetically pointed out that “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”. It might be more accurate to say the revolution was not televised. Why the past tense? Because the revolution to end all revolutions arguably took place some 2000 years ago, when a carpenter’s son fomented a spiritual […]

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The Christmas gift that keeps on giving – the Christ

This is an article written by my Bedford colleague Gillian Smith and published in The Bedford Times & Citizen. The Bible story is familiar to many: Mary and Joseph’s receptivity to messages from angels; scholars from the East led by a star; shepherds – tough, strong, fearless men – who, watching over their flocks, listened […]

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Curious about “Kurios” and the implications of the Greek word’s use in the Bible…?

Two interesting videos unearthed by our Committee on Publication for Berkshire on Truth or Tradition, a website produced by Spirit & Truth Fellowship International, “an independent, nondenominational ministry that is not affiliated with any other religious denomination or group”.  These are recorded by John Schoenheit, a man who clearly knows his Greek and Hebrew!  In these 10-minute videos […]

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