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Parkinson’s, placebos…and prayer?

My latest blog has been posted on the Huffington Post UK, based on the interesting BBC Horizon programme on placebos that aired on Monday. The blog is entitled “The Promise of Placebos – and the Promise Beyond?”. It illustrates both points, respectively, through the performance of placebos and spiritual healing in the case of Parkinson’s Disease. Here […]

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Will tomorrow’s medical textbooks teach spirituality?

Medical textbooks have their limits according to a top doctor. For while medicine is a science, Dr Clare Gerada learned from her GP father it was also an art, demanding skills that can’t be gleaned from just reading. Interviewed recently on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, the outgoing Chair of the Council of the Royal College […]

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So, what DO Keith Richards and Mary Baker Eddy have in common?

Earlier this week, my colleague Eric Nelson turned up an amusing article by a writer called Steven Saum in the Perspective section of the KQED radio site. Apparently Mr Saum received the following recommendation from Amazon: Dear Amazon.com Customer, We’ve noticed that customers who have purchased or rated ‘Rolling Away the Stone: Mary Baker Eddy’s […]

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Smoking addiction healed! BBC Radio Guernsey features Christian Science on their daily show.

Congratulations to members of the Christian Science Society on Guernsey, in the Channel Islands.  They were approached by the BBC to be the guest group to produce a week’s worth of Guidelines on Jim Cathcart’s daily show. The first one aired yesterday.  Today’s  two minute “thought for the day” is a terrific healing of smoking […]

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“The Nativity” – a compelling BBC drama scripted by Tony Jordan.

“The Nativity” – which airs in half-hour segments on BBC 1 at 7pm from Monday December 20 to Thursday December 23 – is a drama that is beautifully filmed and acted.  It has a classy screenplay by award-winning East Enders and Life on Mars writer Tony Jordan which, you could say, is ably adapted from an original script by…God! […]

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Dear Mr Jeremy Clarkson…a Tom Cruise clarification…!

Among other things (like mulling cider brewed by monks as a way of “engaging with their neighbours”!) The One Show on BBC 1 on Friday (December 10) featured Chris Evans and Alex Jones bantering back and forth with Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson. An Autumn episode of the car enthusiast programme featured Tom Cruise racing against […]

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What is it that makes you amazing – changing how others see you, or how you see yourself?

The following blog is by David Waters, a BBC Assistant Producer and Methodist Local Preacher.  It is reproduced with permission of its author and theMediaNet.org, who first published it. I am trying to picture you, kind reader as you peruse these words. Lounging on a hammock between two magnificent oak trees, reading this on an iPad no […]

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Healing prayer narrative – spiritual healing of rheumatoid arthritis in the Black Country, UK

What is a prayer healing narrative? Immediately below is a link to the narrative of a prayer-based healing found on the internet.  (Click here for a more in-depth explanation of why we are highlighting it on this blog.) UK woman healed of crippling arthritis (from BBC Black Country) – “Brenda Wickes could hardly walk two years […]

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Is healing prayer a miracle?

A credible and precious account of a healing through prayer appeared in the UK national media this week, in The Voice…a beautiful healing of a young girl (Junior Nwaubani) who was expected to die after an accident or be left severely mentally impaired.  Her healing account, and an uplifting photo of her full of life one […]

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