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Must-watch TV – Fern Britton talks faith with the BBC’s John Simpson

‘Fern Britton talks to the BBC’s world affairs editor John Simpson about how his faith has sustained him for over 40 years of reporting on world-changing events from the frontline….’ (BBC iPlayer) Last month the District Manager’s Office was  called by the BBC for some fact-checking and to assist them with some video and photographic […]

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Media: A spiritual angle on the London 2012 Olympics!

I have had two blogs published this week tinged with Olympic themes in honour of London 2012 which is currently gracing our fair city! A blog posted today by The Independent is titled “Can a mental shift help enhance our performance?“It points to how a spiritual approach can help in athletics…and in life.   Here is […]

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A message to the media in times of change

In times of uncertainty and change this is a nice message to the media and to all of us from my Merseyside colleague Irene Hall. It has been published in the Liverpool Daily Post today, in its last week as a daily print newspaper.  BIG changes are afoot this year – maybe in your life, and certainly […]

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Real “News of the World” Reporting Uncovered…!

No sane newspaper would currently want to be even obliquely associated with The News of the World, given the current expose of some of its news-gathering habits. And the content of the Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper The Christian Science Monitor – with its motto “To injure no man, but to bless all mankind” – is […]

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Media: Guardian features “Comment is free – belief” answer by District Manager

The whole of last week, the Guardian’s comment is free – belief section included the following question: Is it possible to discuss religion online in a way that makes sense to believers? This question is worthwhile, if only because if the discussion doesn’t make sense to the people discussed, they aren’t going to join in. […]

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An Easter message…or three!

Here in the UK Easter Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays, and with the glorious weather we are currently having that is no bad thing! But the Easter story itself is always a glorious thing! So it is good to remember the profound message of Easter promise and to dwell on the spiritual meaning […]

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Harry Potter and the question of evil – a Merseyside Thought for the Day…

My Merseyside colleague, Irene Hall, just had a weekly “Thought for the Day” published in Liverpool’s Daily Post.  It succinctly illustrates how tracing evil back to its mental origins – as Christian Scientists do – does not ignore evil, but helps one to deal with it effectively. “BE NOT overcome with evil, but overcome evil […]

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Video of interfaith “Question of Faith” with Peter Owen Jones and a cast of six…including the District Manager!

As previously reported, I recently had the pleasure of appearing on a panel with Anglican priest, author and BBC presenter Peter Owen Jones in Eastbourne, by invitation of the local Faith Forum. If anyone out there has an hour and a half to spare in their busy lives, this has now been posted as a […]

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Media-star Vicar unearths some interfaith answers in Eastbourne

Last night I had the privilege and pleasure of sharing a place  on a (long) table with BBC author and television presenter Peter Owen Jones.  The individualistic Anglican clergyman chaired an interfaith panel based on the BBC’s “Question Time” that drew an impressively full audience to Eastbourne’s Congress Suite, Winter Garden. The event was hosted by the […]

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A “Thought for the Day” on a great source of thoughts…for 400 years!

My colleague, Irene Hall – Christian Science Committee on Publication for Merseyside – is a weekly contributor to “Thought for the Day” in the Liverpool Daily Post.   She has just had the following item published in anticipation of next year’s anniversary of the King James Version of the Holy Scriptures. CELEBRATIONS are being planned […]

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