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From my seris of "More Subtle Selfies"

Let’s value who we truly are!

My latest photo-essayish blog has just been posted on as “5 (Spiritual) ways to value who you truly are”! (The photos, including the one above, are from my “More Subtle Selfies” series.) These are the 5 bullet points: We can disentangle our thinking! We don’t need to settle for a lesser love for ourselves We […]

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%22Seeds of freedom%22 by Tony Lobl

Can We Dethrone “The Emperor of Maladies”?

Ken Burns’ new documentary series, “Cancer, the Emperor of All Maladies”, highlights “the longest running war in human history”. But beyond the ongoing scientific quest for a cure are there other ways people have found freedom from such a devastating diagnosis? Could the seed of what a writer recently called “arguably our most feared disease” […]

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Can We Quieten The ‘Tick Tock’ Of Our Body Clock?

My latest article on Huffington Post UK takes a look at the race against time, and how spiritual thinking can challenge that. It is entitled “How Beholden Are We To Our Body Clock?”. Here is an excerpt: But does our physiology always have to be at the beck and call of time? What if we […]

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Is There Any Way Out of Incurable?

My latest blog has been posted on a new website called The News Hub. The article is a response to the news that Robin Williams had Parkinson’s Disease and questions surrounding that. It is called “Meeting Parkinson’s Disease With A Spiritual Response”. Here is an excerpt: There’s certainly a need for far more accurate information on […]

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Featured - Healing Prayer

Is depression responsive to spirituality?

This blog, re-posted from The Connection, is by my colleague Kay Stroud from Queensland, Australia, and was originally titled Is mental health genetically-based? News reports giving statistics of the increasing prevalence of mental illness, depression and suicide in both the young and the elderly are being published every day in Australia. Have you ever felt lost for […]

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The healing art of listening

This blog has been reproduced from The Connection A patient recently told researchers investigating the importance of “proactive care” that time spent with their nurse “was worth 100 prescriptions.” This intriguing remark helped those behind the study conclude significant benefits can result from a more holistic approach to caring for those suffering from chronic and […]

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Sudden illness quickly reversed by “scientific prayer treatment”

My colleague Shannon Horst in New Mexico recently shared the following experience of healing prayer in her blog Prayer that heals: a reason for blogging. For readers who follow this blog, you know that I generally post an original piece on Monday every week. Well, yesterday, I had every intention of doing just that. But, […]

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Featured healing

Bad backache? A friend recommends prayer

Californian colleague Eric Nelson has published a blog on the healing of a “whopping backache” on Blogcritics. It is called What Kind of Treatment Would You Recommend? It opens with a wonderful childhood memory: Even when I was a kid I wondered about that “one out of every five dentists” who didn’t “recommend sugarless gum for […]

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Healed of alcohol poisoning. How?

The following example of healing prayer and explanation of how it works, was recently published as a Houston Chronicle blog  entitled “Michelle: Christian healing > No miracle > Natural”: Many years ago, I taught Michelle in Sunday School. A few years later, when she was a teenager, she went to a party and drank until she was drunk. […]

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Former anarchist – now a 100 year-old “fully engaged” Christian Science practitioner!

If you think that was just an attention-getting headline, you are partly right. I couldn’t resist! However, it is also true.  On Monday evening, on the Progressive Radio Network’s “A Better World” show (in the USA), – hosted by Mitchell Jay Rabin – an interview with centenarian pianist, and Christian Scientist, Lillian Schwabe was introduced in the […]

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