On a wing with a prayer! Elevated thinking soars above positive thinking!

Today’s blog is written by our London Office Assistant District Manager, Clare Harwood.

Astronauts do it, mountaineers do it and even unsuspecting fleas do it – elevated thinking!

Hurtling down a grass runway in a small fixed-wing aircraft, which had arrived as a flat pack, may not strike you as the most calming experience in the world … but I was about to do it too!  What followed never failed to inspire.  It was the beginning of a totally blessed way to spend a couple of hours.

From five thousand feet up, my perception of what I saw, landmarks I felt I knew so well on the ground, completely changed for a couple of hours.   With my friend, an experienced pilot, we flew over the rolling countryside of Northamptonshire, in the heart of England.

I was so grateful for that trip and appreciated every second of time spent away from the hustle and bustle of Middle Earth!

Coming back down to earth after that first flight left me feeling exhilarated.  I experienced a great feeling of peace and gratitude to God for creating something so wonderful and complete.

It also left me with a feeling of great admiration for those early pioneers of aviation. They all shared a burning desire to go where no man or woman had gone before! They never doubted they could do it. In many cases I also suspect that prayer was part of their preparation, or at least part of their ‘Get me out of here, quickly’ strategy!

The man I consider the greatest pioneer of all time, Jesus, often ascended to a quiet place away from the general melee, to pray. One such sojourn took him up a mountain, with just his disciples, where he delivered the Sermon on the Mount. Yet another spiritual pioneer, Mary Baker Eddy – the, founder of Christian Science – showed how profoundly she valued that sermon when she wrote: “To my sense the Sermon on the Mount, read each Sunday without comment and obeyed throughout the week, would be enough for Christian practice.”

The words and works of Jesus and the ideas shared by Mary Baker Eddy are both capable of elevating thought whether our feet are firmly on the ground, or we are up in the air.  As a Christian Scientist I have found that the Bible, together with the ideas of Mrs Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, bring a clear understanding of the nature of God, which can bring to light solutions to any issues we are facing.

On one particular flight I was in great need of peace and the opportunity for elevation of thought. I had a financial issue that was screaming at me for attention.  I had received a massive bill for totally unexpected repairs to the roof of my house with no obvious way of paying for it. Up in the skies a thought came to me.  Be grateful for what you have and for heaven’s sake don’t make ‘something out of nothing’. That is don’t let fear take over your thought and paralyse your actions, when you have had so much experience that “God is a very present help in trouble”! Just feel blessed.

I spent the next two hours being grateful for everything I saw. I came home with an expectancy of good!  I felt convinced that all would be well although I had no idea how.  Indeed I knew it would be well.  At the end of the week I received a totally unexpected tax rebate, which covered the cost of the repairs to the roof.  I had been blessed.

Some may say this is just positive thinking.  It is not.  It is spiritually elevated thinking – getting a higher view of God’s nature and of our coexistence with God as His loved children.  It helps us see that His will is good for all, including ourselves, and that prayer helps solutions to problems become apparent.

You don’t have to take to the skies for elevated thought!  So do please join me too!


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Author:Tony Lobl

I write and edit articles on spirituality from the perspective of the practice of Christian Science as an Associate Editor for the Christian Science periodicals. I studied at the University of Surrey earning a BSc Hons Degree in Modern Mathematics before the teachings of Christian Science transformed my life and re-shaped my career.


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2 Comments on “On a wing with a prayer! Elevated thinking soars above positive thinking!”

  1. sandi
    December 23, 2010 at 3:14 pm #

    Clare, thanks for that usefl distinction between positive thinking and spiritually elevated thinking based on God’s ever-present goodness.


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