100 reflections on why Mary Baker Eddy’s life and ideas still resonate 100 years on!

My 100th blog as media and legislative representative for the Christian Science movement in the UK and the Republic of Ireland happens to coincide with a much more significant 100th anniversary commemoration.  It is 100 years today (December 3, 2010) since the passing of Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered and founded Christian Science.

What is her legacy 100 years later?  Via Facebook, Twitter and by email I asked friends who love her ideas to share a brief thought about what they felt those who aren’t familiar with Mary Baker Eddy would want to know about her.  And they did, in an outpouring of gratitude.

The Christian Science that Mary Baker Eddy shared with the world through her writings – particularly Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures – is a religion of ideas.  A religion of healing ideas! Mary Baker Eddy never wanted the focus to be unduly on the scribe of those ideas, but on the source of them, the divine Mind, God.  On more than one occasion she counselled her students to “Follow your Leader only so far as she follows Christ.”

However, those ideas that came to her were not written in a vacuum.  These timeless ideas sprung from the trials and the victories, the probing thinking and the meek prayerful meditating, that framed the life lived by this woman born in 19th century New England, USA.

At the unique time for reflection afforded by this commemoration date it seems, therefore, appropriate that those who have been touched and healed by her ideas should stop to reflect with celebration on the accomplishments of a woman who has done so much to make those ideas available.  She said of Science and Health, and of herself as its author, “A book introduces new thoughts, but it cannot make them speedily understood. It is the task of the sturdy pioneer to hew the tall oak and to cut the rough granite. Future ages must declare what the pioneerhas accomplished.”  Today presents an opportunity to do some of that declaring!

So, with much gratitude to all who have contributed, here are 100 brief (and some not quite so brief!) reflections on the life and ideas of Mary Baker Eddy, and why getting to know both is a good idea!

1. Mary Baker Eddy’s discovery of Christian Science has given me a new way to love and communicate with God and to understand in some degree the life and works of His Son, Christ Jesus.  It brings joy to my life! (Joan)

2. She…grasped the full import of Jesus’ teachings: how and why the healing of all physical and moral problems is possible today without drugs, by understanding man’s spiritual nature and his unique relationship to God. Her discovery of this universal truth has unlimited potential benefits for all mankind.  (George)

3. She made the distinction between spiritual life and the Adam and Eve myth, which has life as beginning and ending and all the limitations in between which tend to govern humanity. For this she deserves endless praise. (Philip)

4. The Christian Science she articulated provides a spiritual perspective and dimension to life which I have found to be practical in meeting the challenges of my life. (Guy)

5. She wrote the text book of Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which instructs us how to live our lives as a perfect child of God, whole and free. I read this book together with the Bible every day.  They are my “daily bread.” (Hazel)

6. Mary Baker Eddy went through very hard experiences that many others have also had – poor health, bereavement, her child was removed from her care, infidelity. But she never gave up searching for spiritual answers, and came to understand God’s laws of comfort and healing as taught and utilised by Christ Jesus. She shared her inspiration with the world [giving it] the name of Christian Science and the world still desperately needs to know these spiritual laws. (Val)

7. Mrs Eddy was a pioneer who made the link between science and spiritual healing.  She was a unique female whose ideas remain radical and practical 100 years on. (Wendy)

8. In the 1920s my Grandmother was given a book which was to change her life. She had lost her husband in the Great War and she had two children to bring up on her own with very little money.  Those were extremely hard times and often she didn’t know how she would make ends meet. The headmistress of my mother’s school was touched by her plight and knew that Mary Baker Eddy’s teachings, explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, could change her life for the better. And so they did – so much so that my Grandmother was even able to help others, sometimes dramatically, with the ideas she shared from that book. Tried and tested in our family now for nearly 100 years [the ideas in] this book [have] helped each generation in every possible circumstance. Sickness, sometimes severe, has been healed, fear removed, broken relationships mended. It has provided consolation, encouragement, inspiration, direction. Way ahead of its time, it has made the timeless teachings of the Bible become vital and relevant and oh so practical to my family in the twenty first century. (Gillian)

9. Her discovery brought to mankind [the awareness of] an inseparable relationship with God as the all-sustaining, infinite and unconditional Love.  [This] reveals man’s inalienable right to the complete harmony – the healing – that is salvation. (Joan)

10. Mary Baker Eddy understood Christian Science to be ‘ the comforter’, spoken of by St. John.  Just as generations of humanity have studied the life and works of Christ Jesus, it follows that they would be interested in the woman [whose life-work] has fulfilled his prophecy when, still, many Christians around the globe are awaiting the coming of the comforter. (Tony)

11. As a child I thought: “It is strange that they could heal at Jesus times, why doesn’t this work for me today?” By getting to know Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, I learned that healing like Jesus is possible for me now. That’s great and it is fun to find out about it more and more. (Joachim)

12. Humanity seems to be running out of time and answers to the problems it faces – global warming, fiscal instability, famine and war. More and more people are seeking a spiritual way forward and they could have no better guide to understanding “the sustaining infinite” [God] than [the ides of] Mary Baker Eddy. The 19th century author of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures explains clearly how spiritual truth and divine love will meet every human need. (Tony)

13. Reading the books of Mary Baker Eddy has expanded my thought.  Whether you want to increase your own potential or be of use to others, you will find [in her writings], like me, ideas that will stretch and stimulate you. (Shirley)

14. Mary Baker Eddy’s has given to me – and therefore this can be accepted by anyone who wishes to receive such a wonderful idea! – the fact that I am the ‘image and likeness of God’ thus unlimited by anything since God is limitless. Age, sex, learning, language are no barrier to this expansive idea.  She didn’t allow anything to stop her and I will not.  (Judith)

15. Through her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy offers those struggling with the challenges of life (and that’s most of us!) clear spiritual solutions with very practical results.  Impelled by a deep love of humanity and a heartfelt desire to share a faith that goes beyond belief to a provable understanding of the divine nature, she has opened the door of thought to infinite possibilities in meeting and overcoming whatever would limit our daily lives or highest endeavours.  “Citizens of the world,” she writes, “accept the ‘glorious liberty of the children of God’ and be free!”  Her powerful book shows how. (Lesley)

16. A woman who founds a world religion (still going strong 100 years later) when she couldn’t even vote…need I say more? (Karla)

17. She founded The Christian Science Monitor… ALSO before women could vote… and it’s still considered one of the world’s most reputable news sources… I am not sure you could say that about William Randolph Hearst! (Eric)

18. Eddy struggled with illness, she was widowed and divorced, had her child taken away, family turned against her, faced poverty – and overcame it all! That is truly inspiring to me.  As I have gone through life, I have loved – and still love – thinking about Eddy’s powerful statement, “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation.” Her discovery that Mind is all is the key that unlocks the door to greater freedom, health and success – something we all desire. (Connie)

19. She has logically explained, and consistently defended, the idea that there is ONE human race–not multiple lesser or greater races of people. What a phenomenally unifying and peace-giving spiritual idea! (Susan)

20. People would want to know that her love for others, for the world, CONTINUES to bless, heal and teach many through the reading of her keystone work, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, read in more than 130 countries and published in 16 languages including American Braille.  It sold its 10 millionth copy in April 2001. … Her impulse was always to express divine Love! (Alexis)

21. From my perspective, people would want to know her definition of God as all-powerful good, active here and now, and who man/woman/everyone is, and what our relationship is to Him which sets forth the key to living a better life…for all. (Chris)

22. She resurrected the practice of Christian healing and made it accessible to the whole of humanity. (Lisa)

23. People would want to know of her persistence in seeking Bible-based solutions to the hardships and challenges she faced.  And then her selflessness and dedication to sharing those answers with a hungering world gave [the rest of us] the opportunity to put those solutions into action for ourselves and for our fellow man. (Sarah)

24. She discovered the spiritual laws that govern the universe by searching the Bible, something that modern physicists haven’t yet attained! (Amy)

25. A woman who feared that her debilitating muscle disease would keep her from seeing her three children grow up walked into our Reading Room. She was first drawn to the Mary Baker Eddy biographies. Hearing Mrs. Eddy’s story – about all her hardships and how she experienced (and taught) spiritual healing – was all this dear one needed to purchase her book, Science and Health. Mrs Eddy’s very life is so relevant to others who need a way out of their problems! (Linda)

26. Throughout her life she demonstrated the healing power of the Christ as stated in the Bible. I am grateful for her discovery and for [restoring] the healing message [of early Christianity] to all mankind. (Amelie)

27. I love Mrs. Eddy’s understanding of God as Father-Mother; that Jesus Christ is not God in a human form, but is the Son of God as Jesus himself said again and again in the Bible. Her definitions of “Jesus”, “Christ”, and “God” in the Glossary of Science and Health were life changing to me years ago and continue to make perfect sense. (Kay)

28. Mary Baker Eddy ‘answered’ obediently the call of God as Love, regardless of what it required, and as a result humanity is eternally blessed in infinite, immeasurable ways.  She was an example of [living Jesus’ two great commandments] (1) “love God”, and (2) “love others as oneself”. (Lori)

29. After her healing of a life threatening injury she decided to understand the how. Once she did understand she worked every day to share that with [humanity]. (Roger)

30. How amazing it is that Science and Health speaks to everyone no matter where they are on their spiritual path and each time you read something that you have already read before you unpack a new idea from it. How obvious it is that she was listening through “the divine ear”! (Lisa)

31. I literally owe my life to the scientific Christianity Mary Baker Eddy discovered in the pages of her Bible and dedicated her life to sharing. When I was a baby I survived what seemed to be life-threatening suffocation after I had stopped breathing and lost the color in my face.  I was revived through Christian Science treatment–that is, prayer based on “an absolute faith that all things are possible to God,–a spiritual understanding of Him, an unselfed love” (as Mary Baker Eddy puts it on page one of Science and Health).  She is one of the world’s greatest benefactors. (Dan)

32. Eddy wrote books, published magazines, founded the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, started The Christian Science Monitor at age 87, founded a church, lectured publicly and provided the world with a scientific principle for spiritual, prayer-based healing…all in the second half of her life and in an age when women were expected to stay home and raise children. I’m in awe of her accomplishments! (Grace)

33. I think everyone deserves to understand her. She teaches of our divine rights and how to avoid troubles by gaining a greater understanding of God. Her life work was all about helping mankind to help themselves. (Bill)

34. Every one on planet earth should be familiar with Mary Baker Eddy just as they are with Christ Jesus, Edison (1879) as the inventor of the first commercially practical light bulb, and Einstein (1905/1915) whose theories demonstrated that time and space are no longer absolutes and that matter and energy were exchangeable….Just as important and useful as Edison or Einstein, Eddy’s work is available to all, so that we may effectively practice what Christ commanded: to Love God supremely and our neighbor as ourselves – these two being the fulfillment of all law, as Jesus said.  Also that we may effectively practice Christ’s directive that we should replicate his healing work and do more…Eddy’s discovery is profoundly useful and effective and provides a truer light than a light bulb. (Michelle)

35. After she discovered Christian Science in 1866, she selflessly dedicated the rest of her life to explaining it for the world to understand and to use.  She founded a scientific method of Christianity by proving that there is a scientific principle to Christian healing, the principle of healing used by Jesus and his disciples, which is still available today.  And she wrote a textbook to ensure this method of healing spiritually will never be lost. In this textbook, Science and Health, she taught others to heal as she did, and her legacy of Christian healing, based on a spiritual understanding of the Bible message, is still with us today. It is practised by Christian Scientists worldwide.  The movement which she founded has expanded until there are Christian Science churches in more than 70 countries.  The international newspaper which she founded in 1908 (The Christian Science Monitor) with the object “to injure no man but to bless all mankind” is still one of the most respected sources of world news. (Gerald)

36. I think it’s a natural process to wonder about the discoverers of new things that help humanity.  We have a collective sense of humankind’s progress and discoverers play a special role in spurring us all forward… whether it’s an explorer in the natural world [or tiny particles found under a microscope], when progress is made it feels like we’ve all got a boost, closer to “what it’s all about”.  In Mary Baker Eddy’s case, the investigation and discovery is a bit different, of course, since most human discoveries follow along a linear path. Her discovery about the spiritual dimension, as you might be tempted to call it in this context, is very much at right angles to typical human progress.  But she deserves a fair hearing – akin to the pause before other discoveries are accepted into the book of accepted thinking – since the consequences of her [ideas] being found correct would make a huge difference to mankind’s happiness and freedom from fear. (Frank)

37. I love her uncompromising love of God and her trust in His goodness.  She speaks the truth that few dare to believe but that many wish they could.  This Truth has brought me many [experiences] of healing. (Marcia)

38. My  study of the writings and teachings of Mary Baker Eddy through the practice of Christian Science have enabled me to effectively apply the teachings of Christ Jesus to my everyday life for over 40 years. This has brought about tangible healing results both physically, emotionally, personally and in work situations.  Her teachings have made the Bible come alive and speak to me directly in a deeply spiritual and practical way. I do not know how I would have survived ill-health, divorce, loss, loneliness, financial burdens, and employment and relationship  difficulties without them.  The teachings of  Mary Baker Eddy, along with those of  Christ Jesus, have  been my guide to meeting and overcoming the problems (large and small) of daily  life, including all my health issues for more than 40 years…Mary Baker Eddy’s writings taught me how to pray and my prayers have been consistently answered over many years!  (Jane)

39. Under God’s guidance, Mary Baker Eddy discovered and founded Christian Science and gave the world the Comforter promised by Jesus – [the knowledge of divine Science, revealed through] her textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Since then countless thousands have been healed by studying and imbibing its core revelation – that man is not material, but spiritual. (Melvyn)

40. Probably like most people I have struggled with severe challenges in my life – losing a young wife and mother of our two small children to cancer, constant employment setbacks, health issues that eventually required medical attention until I took a healing stand in Christian Science, marital issues that took us to the brink, and on and on.  In all of these life problems I was able to see my way clear because of what Mary Baker Eddy discovered and gave to the world based on her life of similar if not more drastic circumstances.  She is a sound example for anyone in trouble and needing help on how to cope with life and come out of the struggle the better for it. (Bob)

41. Mary Baker Eddy is a life-saver to me. Her painstaking efforts to discover Christian Science and articulate it in Science and Health, enabled my mother to heal me of a brain injury and later brought about my healings of life-threatening pneumonia and a large breast lump through my own prayers. (Michelle)

42.  Her life proves to me that there is no hopeless situation, since there is no situation which is not already filled by the presence of Christ. (Inge)

43.  People would be interested in Mary Baker Eddy’s journey as a thinker and author, from meek and modest environs to her position on the world stage.  It shows what is required for you to succeed against all odds. [ As she wrote] “The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes the achievement possible.” Every purpose-driven individual would find their own accomplishments made even more successful and prosperous by connecting with the vast universe of ideas presented by this world class thinker.  To connect with Mrs. Eddy’s life and ideas is to discover the greatest satisfaction one can know.   (Heather)

44. Reading through Science and Health with a humble, open thought, in times of personal turmoil, illness, or self-doubt, you will find true healing of whatever ails you.  I know of no better way to see the profound, timeless value of the life-work of this unique Christian woman. (John)

45. If people throughout the world realised the personal difficulties and the health problems that Mary Baker Eddy experienced [and overcame] throughout her life, they would be more appreciative and more grateful to her for pressing on with her discovery and presenting it to the world. (Millar)

46. Mary Baker Eddy brings out the value of spiritual discernment – the ability to recognise the limitlessness of creation in the face of [its] mortal inversion. (John)

47. For over a hundred years many have been healed and benefited by the book Mary Baker Eddy  wrote, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Most of the cases [that brought people into Christian Science] were ones for which the medical profession had no cures. Many owe their lives to Mary Baker Eddy’s discovery of Christian Science.  The laws, which she called the Christ Science, that she discovered in 1866, are still relevant to many in the world. She deserves her place and recognition in the history of the world as one of the major contributors to the health and healing of all people and for giving them the key to freedom. (Marta)

48. Mary Baker Eddy presented to the world her understanding of Christian healing that she personally proved and practised and which others could follow. (Sally)

49. She is to me the woman who revealed the Comforter promised by Christ Jesus in the Gospel of John. (Philippe).

50. Eddy was a true revolutionary, but because her theology is based on love it blesses everyone and everything. What courage and inspiration she needed to meet the hatred of materialistic thinking in an age when women did not have the same rights as men. She saw the perfect, spiritual man perhaps better than anyone since Jesus, so that healing others came naturally to her.  What an inspiration she is! (Tony)

51. Mary Baker Eddy achieved so much in her life – as a female religious leader, business woman, public speaker, publisher and so on when women weren’t supposed to do any of these things. But the greatest achievement has to be that she wrote a book which can actually heal you when you read it, because of the spiritual truth it contains. Imagine that. Heal you. (Irene)

52. Mary Baker Eddy is worthy of interest as an example of a strong woman who accomplished incredible things in her day with astonishing humility, perseverance, civility, and humanity in spite of fierce attacks against her person and her ideas.  These attributes ought to be studied, admired, and mimicked: her determination in philanthropic and humanitarian endeavours; her humility and civility in political discourse and interpersonal relationships. Anyone, of any background can appreciate and learn from her example of this powerful combination of love and conviction.  (Rachel)

53. I like Mary Baker Eddy’s lifelong search for Truth. She always wanted to get to the bottom of things–for example, to the reason why she had had a regenerative healing after reading the Bible when everyone was expecting her to pass away. After forty five years of writing, teaching the principles of spiritual healing, founding an international newspaper, she still had this sense of humility about how much more there [remained] to learn about Christian discipleship, or as she put it “Today, though rejoicing in some progress, she still finds herself a willing disciple at the heavenly gate, waiting for the Mind of Christ”. (Science and Health, p. ix). (Clarissa)

54. Mary Baker Eddy’s writings and her establishment of a religion and system of healthcare are ones that anyone can benefit from regardless of their religion, nationality, sex, race, education, economic status, or age.  Her ideas transformed my life, as they have for generations of people from around the world for the past 140 years – people who have found practical, concrete healing for whatever problems they faced.  I literally would not be here any longer had I not encountered Christian Science 20 years ago. (Ken)

55.  Mary Baker Eddy not only broke through the glass ceiling for women, she also built her church without one, in a time when everything was dominated by men – including religion – and when she seemingly had no rights.  All of which, if compared to now, is more than equal to becoming the president would be today. (Adam)

56. She pointed humanity in the direction of God as not just “all” but “All-in-all”…this was radical, and it still is…she expected Love (God) to be “impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals” – no hierarchy, no privilege, no religious ownership, no nationalism. Think of what this concept if accepted, could do for the world!…she gave women the right to vote in an organizational democracy decades before they would achieve suffrage, thus training a core of women who understood the rights, responsibilities, privileges, and demands of voting and who could then help others navigate this new opportunity when suffrage was achieved nationally…she reclaimed the word “heal” as the recognition of innate, secure and inviolable wholeness (bringing it back into alignment with its etymological roots “whoelth” wholeness) rather than the fixing of ailments, brokenness, separation, fragmentation…she asserted that peace was a power, not the absence of war or chaos…she lifted the medium of process off of our realization of good…she claimed the body to be “the servant” of Mind, thus reclaiming the coincidence of heaven and earth, the human with the divine, and demanded, [as the Bible says], that the Word be “made flesh and [dwell] among us”…and on…and on…and on….I could continue for the rest of my days on earth and not run out of things to write…♥ (Kate)

57. Christian Science is the Science of Christianity…and Mrs Eddy gives us the spiritual sense of the Lord’s Prayer. (Bob)

58. Mary Baker Eddy did so much for women. She founded a religion and gave the name Father-Mother to God. (Maureen)

59. Mary Baker Eddy overcame many struggles to reach her goal of revealing the scientific truths of the Bible and made these available and relevant to humanity right now, and she answers many questions about man’s relationship to God and Christ Jesus for those who are prepared to study.  Her great writings have made all the difference to many lives by turning thought away from the projected material evidence, to focus instead on the spiritual and scientific evidence as seen in the teachings of Christian Science.  It’s such a great way of dealing with life, work, family and health and is available to all who seek life beyond the confines of what the five ‘senses’ would have us believe.  How can anyone not be impressed by a woman who in the nineteenth century, at a time when women had very few rights, discovered Christian Science, established a church, project managed the building of the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, published a church manual oh and set up a publishing society.  Pretty good when you consider she was not expected to survive a fall in 1866! (Clare)

60. She knew that she was God’s chosen messenger, and she followed His leadings unselfconsciously, fearlessly, humbly, lovingly, to give to the world God’s complete revelation of spiritual being and healing so that millions have found and are finding and will find their freedom from bondage to materiality. (Judi).

61. The public would be interested in Mary Baker Eddy as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science because it provides help and dominion over all ills and evil every moment and in every place through the Spirit, the Comforter, the Christ. (Nils-Ivar)

62. I fell down the stairs early one morning and injured my lower back. I prayed half-heartedly, but really expected the pain to go with time. It didn’t – it got much worse. After a couple of days, I could no longer walk and was in agony. That night, I picked up Science and Health before going to sleep and came across these words on page 214:  “Neither age nor accident can interfere with the senses of Soul, and there are no other real senses…  Spirit’s senses are without pain, and they are forever at peace.  Nothing can hide from them the harmony of all things and the might and permanence of Truth.”  It was so clear to me that while the material senses were reporting pain and injury, God’s senses know nothing of any disharmony and they are the only real senses, and those were the reports I should listen to. When I woke, I was completely healed, with more movement and freedom in my back than I had ever had before. (Judy)

63. If an individual sincerely assesses the life of Mary Baker Eddy and what she accomplished in spite of overwhelming obstacles, I think they cannot fail to come away with a renewed sense of hope about their own prospects for achieving progress, even if they have no particular interest in or fondness for religion. (Sharon)

64. Mary Baker Eddy was breaking all kinds of “glass ceilings” before women even had the right to vote! And she set an important example for religious people everywhere by insisting on full explanations and proof of what the Bible teaches, and by not resting until she found them!  (Elizabeth)

65. Mary Baker Eddy’s discoveries and findings, if true, are more remarkable and profound than that of all other great scientific advancements in our history combined. If that isn’t enough to interest the public in the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, then it should at least be interested in the courage and resolve that she demonstrated in pursuing the truth behind these ideas, and her conviction that they were right and important for humanity, despite the venomous public opposition she faced. I would also think there would be interest in the hundreds of thousands of healings that people have experienced (including myself) resulting from the direct application of the spiritual principles she discovered. (Keb)

66. Her system of health care takes no sides. It is both individual and universal. It is the solution that heals and uplifts world thought to embrace harmony of body as well as peace for all mankind. The Truth she revealed has timeless relevance. (Laura)

67. Mary Baker Eddy responded to the call of the human heart for reassurance that there is something more to life than what we see around us in the hum-drum of daily experience.  This ‘something’ was the revelation of a spiritual reality and a divine influence available to each and every human being irrespective of race, colour, creed or class.  The consequence of this revelation is a more harmonious experience in the ‘here and now’ – evidencing in some degree the Kingdom of Heaven at hand which was spoken about by Jesus Christ.  This harmony extends to include the possibility of physical healing, as well as healing the world’s ills and misery arising from an ignorance of the presence and power of divine Love – a name she often used for the God she worshipped and adored. (Helen)

68. One hundred years after her passing; successful author and the founder of a religion with a worldwide church organisation, a reliable system of healing, and an international newspaper, all of which are still going strong.  How could anyone not be interested in Mary Baker Eddy?  However, to those familiar with her writings, she is much more. She is the discoverer of a Science which reveals and explains the true nature of reality, based on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and leading to ultimate salvation for all. (Hugh)

69. As far as I am concerned she has performed a great service for mankind in giving, and encouraging all to look deeply into, the spiritual meaning of the Bible.  It continues to help me to see my own spiritual identity – [and prove it] both mentally and physically. (Margaret)

70. Eddy articulates such a deliciously complex definition of God – a Deity that is both Father and Mother; a divinity that is impersonal and comprised of spiritual qualities such as Love, Soul and Spirit; an ever-present force for good. I love her for sharing these ideas! (Carol)

71. Mary Baker Eddy was a major player in man’s growing understanding of God and his relation to Him and, although she was a household name in her day, her contribution has yet to be fully recognised in today’s society. (Susan)

72. I just love and admire Mary Baker Eddy’s love, courage, and endurance. (Honor)

73. Some people see music where others just see a box with black and white keys. Beethoven was one of them. One person saw [a divine] Science where others just saw a [Bible] with black and white pages full of commandments and dogma. This person was Mary Baker Eddy. It was her intuitive approach to the laws of being that led her to change the world. Bit by bit, thought by thought, understanding by understanding. (Thomas)

74. The vision of God she shared heals! (Grace)

75. Mary Baker Eddy has provided us with the tools to discover our true spiritual freedom; when applied effectively the healing system that she discovered offers an absolute basis for overcoming all limitations – as has now been demonstrated for well over 100 years. (Richard)

76. Mary Baker Eddy is a fascinating female pioneer, she faced every kind of obstacle and adversity and lived a life of grace, progress and accomplished amazing feats. I’m inspired by such a woman who did so much despite all the challenges she faced. (Kim)

77. People would be interested in her outstanding record of healing, surpassing all except Jesus; because of her willingness to challenge all the major trains of thought in science, theology and medicine of the 19th century; because she is an outstanding example to all women of the achievement that the feminine mind can reach in a  dominant man’s world; because when most people are going into retirement Mrs Eddy was branching out into new territories – founding a church, magazines and finally a newspaper; because she was considered the most well-known woman of her generation; because her book Science and Health has been a best seller for a hundred years; because scientists of to-day are recognising more and more the mental nature of life; because the religion she founded is being practiced in so many countries throughout  the world; because of the impact her teaching has had on the mind, body, spirit, movement, since some of it was [similar to] Mrs Eddy’s own journey; and because some medical professionals are openly recognising that medicine is not a science while Christian Science healing can be scientifically demonstrated. (David)

78. For me, the most wonderful thing that Mary Baker Eddy has given mankind through Christian Science is an accessible understanding of God, by which people from all backgrounds and with diverse interests can grasp something of His /Her nature which is meaningful to them.  But that’s not all! This understanding can be applied to bring healing and resolution to the issues that confront us in daily life, at both personal and community levels. (Lindsey)

79. She proved that GOD IS GOOD by healing hundreds of people of things doctors today cannot seem to heal…More people need to know about who she was and what she did.  She literally changed the world! (Holly)

80. Eddy defied the status quo, and is still one of the most influential Americans, according to The Atlantic (Sharon)

81. Mary Baker Eddy is a role model to me!  She broke through social, cultural, financial, and gender barriers in her day that seemed impossible.  I get courage and strength from reading accounts of her life and seeing the results of her unfaltering trust in what she called Father- Mother God. (Debi)

82. Mary Baker Eddy was a pioneer in the realm of metaphysics, discovering in the late 1800’s spiritual laws relating to healing that even today are radical and cutting edge. (Gail)

83. With her healing record she showed followers of Christ that the great I AM is still present. (Kendra)

84. Mary Baker Eddy inspires me everyday through either her healing words or life example to “never give up”. Life with a little “L” can be very challenging.  However, MBE helps me understand that Life with a capital “L” means God and it’s absolutely GOOD and that God is MY Life. So then MY life isn’t challenging, it’s GOOD. That idea not only helps me, but greatly comforts me. Mary Baker Eddy proved her ideas in her own life example as well. (Sara)

85: What better reason would there be for public interest than disseminating Christianly scientific healing which is non-speculative, and includes no side effects — other than the priceless increase in spiritual understanding (which is not a side effect, but the foundation of healing). Above all, I think Mary Baker Eddy understood and manifested the greatest power in the world, divine Love, and revealed how this Love is available to all, meeting every human need. (Lesley)

86. I can’t think of any means or method that is like Christian Science, as explained in Science and Health with Key to The Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.  It is always available, no matter where, when, why, how big seems the problem, and whatever is one’s individual history, how rich you are or aren’t, etc. Everyone should know, and deserves to know, that there is always a way out! (Leonora)

87. Thinking of Mary Baker Eddy, my heart overflows…there is her curious childlike purity of heart that refused un-Godlike ideas and pursued answers to deep yearnings…her open-hearted searching for Truth and healing and the wise discernment that kept reaching farther and farther beyond limitation… all that ‘gracious preparation’ and then the discovery!  What really inspires me the most is the patient care and love it took to write Science and Health and heal and teach and found a permanent movement. Throughout all of her writings and letters she expresses not only the absolute truth but the truth that specifically meets the need at the right time. She expresses such a perfect blend of mothering and fatherly qualities and also those of a little child – the ‘Divine Us’ as she writes….truly the reflection of pure Love!  I feel I always have known her and always will know her. (Patricia)

88. She was courageous, humble, strong, very human – i.e. she felt things deeply, and then went about to help and heal humanity. She was curious, deeply faithful, persistent and intelligent. What she did in her time was amazing…and the fact is that her major work, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, continues to teach and inspire and heal people today. She was a world thinker who was active in helping humanity, locally and globally…Mary Baker Eddy was an amazing woman. Started the Christian Science Monitor at the age of 88 years…ETC. (Jodie)

89. Mary Baker Eddy’s take on the true nature of science and religion were ahead of her time, and are still ahead of the world’s thought on these questions today. The recognition that Christianity is scientific and that there are laws of God that govern heaven here and now is revolutionary. What a discovery! What a discoverer! (Daniel)

90. People would be interested in Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy because of her legacy of love. Mrs. Eddy’s writings provide humanity with a systematic approach to life with fewer mistakes and the assurance of success in every endeavour. (Cece)

91. People would be interested in Mary Baker Eddy as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science because…her ideas have informed the conversations of enlightened thinkers ever since and they offer a timeless technique for turning your fears into blessings… she was profoundly dedicated to humanity’s [spiritual] growth as a whole… she lived to be twice the [average] age of her  contemporaries…and because she could heal, taught others to heal, and set up a system so that anyone can [learn how to] heal! (Carol)

92. Mary Baker Eddy, who experienced personal loss – she was twice widowed – wrote, “loss is gain.”  For anyone who’s lost someone dear to them, as I have recently, Eddy’s tender insight can bring comfort and hope.  Mary Baker Eddy, who faced intense public ridicule for her advanced ideals, wrote this verse in a poem entitled, Mother’s Evening Prayer:  “O make me glad for every scalding tear, For hope deferred, ingratitude, disdain! Wait, and love more for every hate, and fear No ill, — since God is good, and loss is gain.”  This helps me see that no amount of criticism or judgment can separate us from God’s love.  Her memoire, Retrospection and Introspection, is a masterpiece worth reading by anyone interested in the journey of spiritual awakening.  Listening is a key to improving your life – to relating with others, getting a job, excelling at sports or the arts.  Eddy’s chapter on “Prayer” in Science and Health offers helpful steps for learning to listen [spiritually].  Science and Health – Mary Baker Eddy’s primary work – was penned by a woman deeply committed to enabling people to be more than they thought they could be. (Karyn)

93. People would be interested in Mary Baker Eddy because life isn’t about money and all the bricks and mortar stuff.  It’s about ideas of integrity, harmony and demonstrating holiness. I am truly grateful for Mary Baker Eddy; she has taught me so much about God and my relationship to Him/Her.  What she writes in Science and Health says in a nutshell why everyone in the world needs to know her:  “One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations; constitutes the brotherhood of man; ends wars; fulfils the Scripture, “Love thy neighbor as thyself;” annihilates pagan and Christian idolatry, — whatever is wrong in social, civil, criminal, political, and religious codes; equalizes the sexes; annuls the curse on man, and leaves nothing that can sin, suffer, be punished or destroyed.” (Carol)

94. I think the public would be interested in Mary Baker Eddy because she revealed to the world [what Jesus called] the ‘pearl of great price’ and through her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, she gave access to any true seeker to the healing power that comes through understanding our real relationship to our Father/Mother God. (Neil)

95. Her selfless revelation of the Christ is still bringing harmony to all of mankind. What an immeasurably selfless gift that is! (Daryl)

96. Without knowing about Mary Baker Eddy, I wouldn’t have a role model to follow who actually practiced what she discovered, called Christian Science – a way of life showing why and how to be healthy through scientific prayer, how to find meaningful employment, how to love and let others love me, how to uncover and overcome evil, and what God is.  The world needs to know that this amazing lady cared enough about all humanity to give her life to discovering this divine Science. (Carey)

97. The Christian Science movement and its Founder, Mary Baker Eddy, occupy a unique place in the demonstration of all real being, and in the exploration of the laws of God’s government of the universe.  In my experience it is a religion that deeply blesses mankind.  (Maria)

98. To me, she is a great example who proved in her life that Jesus was not joking when he said that those who understand his teachings will heal the sick as he did.  This gave me confidence to heal a severe depression a few years ago, through prayer alone. (Alexandre).

99. She LOVED everyone, including the ones who were out to prove her wrong. Her absolute love for everything and everyone and her devotion to God is truly my inspiration! So grateful for her finding of Christian Science! (Cindy)

100.  She once wrote “I am still with you on the field of battle, taking forward marches, broader and higher views, and with the hope that you will follow.” I don’t doubt this. In the midst of earnest seeking and times of deep struggle, I feel the divine impulsion in words written by her hand. There is a shelter there: advocacy, comfort, assurance, direction. More than that though, reading closer, listening with the heart: I find my life repeatedly healed, transformed, restored. (Joni)

Mary Baker Eddy didn’t quite live for 100 years.  She died at 89 years of age.  But the 100 years intervening since that day of her passing have not diminished the power and relevancy of the Christian Science that she shared with the world one iota – as evidenced by the thoughts and lives of those who have contributed to this commemoration blog…to whom I say once again a wholehearted “thank you!”

So here’s to the next 100 years of healing, hope, and wholeness brought about by the inspirational and profound ideas of one of the world’s greatest ever thinkers…and doers: Mary Baker Eddy

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Author:Tony Lobl

I write and edit articles on spirituality from the perspective of the practice of Christian Science as an Associate Editor for the Christian Science periodicals. I studied at the University of Surrey earning a BSc Hons Degree in Modern Mathematics before the teachings of Christian Science transformed my life and re-shaped my career.


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26 Comments on “100 reflections on why Mary Baker Eddy’s life and ideas still resonate 100 years on!”

  1. cristina
    December 3, 2010 at 8:27 pm #

    After 100 years MBE’s practical approach to every days’ life still holds the profound wisdom and reason tha can be used by parents, kids, businessmen or politicians.

  2. eugenia
    December 3, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    People should be interested in knowing MBE simply because as the discoverer of CS she is still such a great help in people’s every day lives in finding comfort and support, knowing that as Mary Baker Eddy did, you can always lean on good, God.

  3. Kate
    December 4, 2010 at 2:03 am #

    Mary Baker Eddy took Christianity to a whole new level in her living of it- she overcame poverty, discrimination, hate, rejection, loved even those who sought to separate her from her discovery of Christian Science.She brought to light a Science that could actually HEAL ALL of humanities ills (herself demonstrating the practicality by healing every ill known to man), she taught others to heal, penned a book that would teach others to heal in every age, established a church, the Christian Science Monitor- a newspaper of highest integrity, introduced periodicals that would reflect the progress and demonstration Science of pure Christian love/healing, and all of this as a woman in the 19 Century who couldn’t even vote! Everyone should be inspired by this woman’s contribution and life!

  4. December 4, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    Val Kilmer has sent in the following reflection on why Mary Baker Eddy’s life and ideas still resonate:
    “Why Mary Baker Eddy is important to the world – As a woman, she is at the forefront of contempory Christian thinking. As a healer, she taught practical techniques to understand virtually every aspect of Jesus’ healing ministry. As a teacher, she expanded the very definition of Life ,Truth and Love, for all man, for all time.”
    Thanks, Val!

  5. Michaela
    December 5, 2010 at 6:08 pm #

    As a very human person her life was transformed by what she eventually discovered of her relation to God and she then worked to make this discovery available for everyone to understand and pracise thus becoming a great woman philanthropist. Through her writings she can take the role of a friend and a spiritual guide.

  6. isobel
    December 5, 2010 at 9:02 pm #

    I am so moved to read all of these posts. It’s wonderful to stop and see what Mary Baker Eddy’s importance is for all. I ditto everything, and add that I am so grateful at her guidance in seeing my world as spiritual. It is a tremendously powerful contribution she made by her definition of matter as having no real substance, as illusion, and substance being Spirit. Her vision was so far ahead of humanity, that even today it’s tough to reconcile, yet effort to understand the substance of Spirit instead of matter, brings decisive healings to prove the weight of it’s vision. Similar, is her uncloaking of hidden evil and how to meet and master negative influences. Lastly I must mention that I appreciate understanding that God is Love and that healings are performed with Love, through Love and the result is Love.

  7. December 11, 2010 at 10:07 pm #

    This just emailed to me by Peter Sarginson, from Harrogate:
    Mary Baker Eddy was the most important writer on Christian thinking in the late 19th an early 20th century. Her major work, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, became the most complete explanation of Jesus Christ’s healing work and ministry and has enabled her Christian Science students to demonstrate and practice the healing of sin and sickness in themselves and others for more than a hundred years .

      November 9, 2013 at 6:01 pm #

      Reading this book healed me of Scoliosis of the spine, and colds and other diseases!


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