Two views on healthcare and an impressive healing – blog thoughts from US colleagues.

Healthcare is a universally essential aspect of experience, one that matter to us all, and in the United States “universal healthcare” has been a matter of intense debate over the past couple of years.

Here in the UK the coalition government has “ring-fenced” spending on the NHS as one of the few expenditures that will not be cut. Lost among the politics – whether pro or con – of government spending on healthcare budgets is the deeper question of what really works when it comes to gaining and sustaining good health.

These excerpts offer some trans-Atlantic perspectives!

Health care, we have a problem…

(From Russ Gerber, US/Global Media Manager for Christian Science Committees on Publication)

In case you were beginning to wonder, here’s a reminder: health is normal.  It’s easy to lose sight of that given all the books and reports and advertisements insisting that it’s not. Gloomy statistics fill in the picture of a health care model that is faced with trouble on several fronts.  More than anything else the “E” word keeps coming up.  That’s expensive, rather than effective…. (Read more)

Why so much emphasis on healing?

(Leroy Gatlin, Committee on Publication for Oklahoma)

That’s a common question; and an understandable one.  After all, it seems like every time Christian Science is mentioned these days, some connection is made to its practice of healing through prayer.  True, Christian Science emphasizes healing, but no more so than the New Testament does.  The Book of Acts, for instance, shows that in the years following Jesus’ ministry, his disciples practiced Christian healing as a regular part of their religion.  But healing, then as now, is only one aspect of the full salvation at which Christianity aims. In Christian Science, healing isn’t looked upon as an end in itself.  Rather, it’s the natural outcome, or effect, of drawing closer to God through prayer…. (Read more)

When a child is sick? – Spiritual treatment and healing!

(Keith Womack, Committee on Publication for Texas)

Years ago, Pat was an RN (Registered Nurse) and a new mother. However, Pat’s new-born son was paralyzed on his right side. He also had a large tumor on his neck. Doctors didn’t believe he would live very long. In order to love him and take care of him while he was with them, Pat brought her son home… (Read how this registered nurse first experienced Christian Science healing)

“Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.”  (The Bible, Psalm 43:5)


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Author:Tony Lobl

I write and speak on spirituality from my perspective as a Christian Science practitioner. I am also an Associate Editor for the Christian Science periodicals. I studied at the University of Surrey earning a BSc Hons Degree in Modern Mathematics before the impact of spirituality on health caught my attention and re-shaped my career.

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